Thursday, November 26, 2009

snowmen rule!

So this is how it all went down. I made these cute little books with the recipes and ideas in them. Totally easy to make and fun to give them.

Mr. Snowman was chillin and tippin' but otherwise quite yummy.

I will post recipes another time.

There are a few empty spots, but for the sake of time on this demonstration I was really happy with the way this one turned out. My family really enjoyed me bringing most of it home too.

Sadie was the BEST HELPER EVER!!!!!
I didn't get a very good picture of the trifle but you can scroll down and see it from when I made it the other day.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2009

...and now, fashioning a new hat... SADIE

Stylin' Sadie

The test run of the "melted snowman" the angel food cake worked well and I kindof like the idea of making his face on the top rather than just using raspberries.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm hooked!

I took a knitting class a few weeks ago and I'm totally hooked (no pun intended). I guess they aren't hook's anyway... they're needles... whatever! The minute I started making a scarf Nick was begging for me to make him one. So he choose the color and was very specific about the N being on it. I probably should have held out and surprised him at christmas with it, but you know me and surprises... it kills me! This was the only half decent picture... "half" being the operative word here. But you get that he's A VERY HAPPY BOY!

I'm needing a little work on my camera skills....I heard bathroom light was good, but the posing in the tub just isn't working, is it? he he he

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the upcoming class

"melted snowman"

"cheesy snowman"

"croqembouche .... snowball style"

These are the final three contestants for my upcoming presentation to our local women's league. I was asked several weeks ago to come share some creative holiday ideas. I have changed my mind 3000 times... finally narrowed it down! The melted snowman is a white chocolate mouse trifle... kind of a play on the theme of snowmen and getting the "ball rolling"... I like to choose a theme it helps me focus on one idea. Second is the cheese ball snowman, to prove that just because it's a cheese ball doesn't mean it has to be boring and plain.... dress him up! (I think it will be cute to serve him with those cute little Ritz crackers that are snowflakes....) and last the "croquembouche" ... well mine will be far from the traditional french pastry topiary... I am using powder doughnuts, strawberries for color and ivy vines for decor. (I saw this on an episode of Katie Brown's workshop on PBS.) I'm such a copy cat. But oh well.... I try to put my own touch to things! I think it will be fun to have this be a hands on project. It also is a great way to decorate for any party. The picture above is just a sortof idea of what it is... not what I'm making. And last, I found this cute idea in Family Fun for putting books together with a stick... I think I will share my ideas and recipes this way (obviously without the DAD... and with something snowman-ish / or not!). I just thought the stick idea... with snowman theme was cute and simple.

Next Tuesday Night ... wish you could all come.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Emma's Garden Party ... and a few moustache friends.

Sorry you two.... I had to do it! These pic's are so funny! I had leftover chocolate from making petit fours and so I made these. I'm obsessed with anything on a stick lately I guess.
Enrichment was a success. I helped with food, decor and music (my favorite things).

We had sweet gardens and savory gardens (and a bucket of meatballs)
I ended up contributing, lemon tartlets, pecan pie tarts, Oreo strawberry petit fours, puff pastry ham and parm. spirals, and cucumber mini tea sandwiches.
there was plenty of food and people stayed and visited forever. I think the format of no seating and mingling while eating made for more conversations. The program "Emma's Garden Party" was worth talking about. It was Emma in her garden greeting each of the General Relief Society Presidents throughout history. They each spoke a little about their tenure as president and the narration talked of the world and the history of what was happening while they were in office. Very interesting to see how we've come from gathering wheat, to social service, to humanitarian efforts, to focusing on our own families and always provident living. I love relief society and the legacy of women in my own life that have taught me the joy you can get from being involved in Relief Society, with women who share a common goal. I felt the support and strength that my ward has for each other last night. We have an awesome Relief Society Presidency who serve and love us. There were probably close to 60 women there!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

need a "quicky"?

These little Petit Fours are the fastest little whip em' up treats and they are tasty!!!
1/4 c. whipped mixed berry cream cheese spread
12 oreo white fudge covered chocoate sandwich cookies
6 strawberries, halved
semi sweet chocolate chips

spread 1 tsp cream cheese onto each cookie; top each cookie with strawberry half. drizzle with melted chocolate.
*this recipe came from kraft food&family magazine.

they seriously take 5 minutes to make.... now.... do I take them to enrichment or let my kids eat them for after school snacks?

Monday, November 16, 2009

This was Sadie's creation for her friends. Simple simple simple to make. Colorful clips, bright fun buttons, ribbon to match (or not to match) and a little dab of glue here or there.

this one might be safe

I think I'm safe posting this one. I've been very busy lately working on all sorts of fun christmas presents. I wish I could blog about each one of them because I am having so much fun making them. However, that would totally ruin the surprise and the fun now wouldn't it? Of all the projects I've made...this one is about my favorite so far. Nick designed this robot guy. He sketched it out on paper and I made it come to life with fabric and buttons, and random gadgets in the the crafty things. He's soft and adorable and hopefully his recipiant (who never looks at this blog) will be surprised and like it.
Nick LOVES it!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

no seriously.... 10 minutes!!!

Really... that is a great and quick project! It's really soft! I love it!

way cute..... "what are you waiting for"

Oh my goodness... I think this scarf is so cute... and just you wait... go here to see the demo! I am totally making this! I found this Hope's Studio blog on the 30 Days blog ... where there are some other really darling and totally worth taking a look at projects....

gotta got tidy up. have fun!

Fall Gardening....

If you can believe it, I actually came up with this one on my own. We are having a garden party for Enrichment next week. We are serving finger foods and deserts just to keep things simple. And I thought that they would be extra cute if they were served in these "raised picket gardens". So imagine 3 raised gardens on the table with treats displayed in rows and random garlands with gords and fall looking things at the base.
I used:
boxes from the bakery
white poster board cut into 1" x 6" (and then cut to form a peak)
hot glued them to the box
wrapped them with fuzzy green yarn.
I'm still thinking about varying the heights on the pickets... can't decide.
I think these would be really cute for any party, shower, wedding, or other garden-y event.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my endless search

In my endless search for cute and creative ideas... I found this! Is that the cutest idea ever? I'm totally making this... who's got a birthday coming up hmmmm..... found this one on martha

Sunday, November 1, 2009


tHIS yeAR wAS SOme goOD FUn tRIck OR trEAtING, puMpkIn cArVINg, ANd ALl out halLOWEeN-iNg!!!
wHERE'S mAsoN?
the LOOT!!!! tHEY LOOk poSSeSSed!!!
this was my first year trick or treating with my kids in this neighborhood. I've decided I need to let go of a few things and live life with my kids.... childhood only happens once. Halloween is one of those childhood things that the memories always stick.
This year fun was had by all!

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