Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hey everybody have you heard?

it's the BOX ELDER COUNTY FAIR!!!!!!

yeee haw!
we were going to enter Sadie's sunflower's, but ended up sending other items instead. They are something to see however! And if you're driving by, it's hard to miss them. Tonight is the parade which the kids will be riding in, and the plan is to ride the big ferris-wheel at some point. None of them ever have before and think it will be the greatest moment in their lives! Here's hoping. Nick said to me this morning at breakfast, "mom, what happens if the ferris-wheel breaks down while people are on top of it?" ... he's thinking! Not sure we are going to participate on the whole "carni-food" however... we've had our feel of greese! (doughnuts...sortof regretting it!) I need go and pack up my camera for the rest of the week's festivities. see you soon!

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