Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th!

Tomorrow is a big day for us. Sadie is getting baptized on this very special day. We are all very excited. I decided to do all the cooking... and the cupcakes look just as cute as I had hoped... so I blogged them at 10:30! I so enjoy all of my family coming to my house and I especially love to cook for them all. I am excited and a little stressed at the same time, I hope I have enough food, I hope I have made this a special day for Sadie (focusing on the right things)... I hope Mason's talk goes well, I hope Nick will say the poem he has worked so hard to memorize, I hope Sadie will be brave and sing the song she has practiced, I hope mostly that everyone will feel the spirit and know what a good thing this is. I especially hope that Sadie will feel the spirit and remember those feelings always. I can't wait! I will never sleep tonight!... I'm so excited to sing with my sisters. We are singing America the Beautiful.... I do love my country and my family and my Heavenly Father. I'll keep you posted!

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