Monday, July 20, 2009

I am a FORD

Generation 4 - just a few of them
we went to Wolf Creek/Silver Meadows - my favorite place on earth!

Sorry Samee... but this is just a cute memory of the weekend.

Andy's first tent sleeping experience... not so much sleeping... just smiling and waving at any passerby! Those walls are pretty thin ya' know.

my checker board got put to good use.
All in all the reunion was so good, just like it always is. It left me feeling somewhat contemplative about years past and memories of my own childhood, which I guess is what it's all about; creating and remembering, and celebrating family and memories. I think my emotions about it all boiled down to one thing... I really miss my Grandma and Grandpa Ford who were the ROCK that centered our family. We rolled rocks at heart lake something that my Dad started and we all could do for hours. The hill is steep and the terrain is beautiful. It's God's country and we sense those that are no longer with us, but are with Him there in those mountains. I am proud to be a FORD.
p.s. I really missed all the fam. that weren't there.... my girls.. you know who you are! Love ya!

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