Tuesday, March 27, 2012

strawberries in my garden

so I would like to learn...

I went a bought a few plants thinking it would be like a tomato or something you would plant and eat and pluck... not so....

these little puppies take time to reap the rewards

a whole year before we get any fruit!

why do I do this to myself? I'm the most impatient

person in the world!

oh, but if you've ever just picked a fresh strawberry and ate it! you know why I'm willing to suffer the year's wait.

...now, if only I knew how to plant and grow things better
oh by the way... click here to read what I've been reading to learn more.

Monday, March 19, 2012

birthday boy and his cake

as per request... B.B. GUN CAKE!

it's a little hard to get the full idea my chocolate skills aren't the greatest, but I think he'll love it!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

approaching 8

So, Nick is approaching 8 years old, in less than a week... just ask him, he'll tell you right down to the hour. And he's getting all geared up for a big important decision. Well, primary does a great job of helping kids know what they need to know before they make big decisions, like baptism and such... and this, my friends, is the result!....

I'm not 100% positive about what they were talking about... hehe but I think you get the point! We are a little extreme about Choosing The Right at our house!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

baby birdy diaper cake...

I thought about doing a tutorial for this cake... but like everything I am doing these days, I was in a rush! So, here it is...
Wish my photography skills were better, because I don't think these pictures really do it justice.

There were a lot of cute ones on pinterest and great tutorials there, so I combined all the ideas I saw and added my own twist's.

...like tissue paper flowers, and dollar store birdies, paper nests, and yellow and grey ribbon to match the shower theme.

it really needed more color, so I added green, and red and pink (everything needs green and red and pink, don't you think?)

a little polka dot never hurt neither... ;)

how about a roll of paper towels? bad photo skills man...

I didn't have my camera at the shower, but the cake made the table look so festive and cute. I hope the mom-to-be enjoyed it!

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