Friday, September 14, 2012

Arise and Shine!
Young Women in Excellence

Young Women in Excellence is an event in which young women are recognized for the good things they are doing. It is a celebration of Personal Progress. Each young woman shares a value experience or value project she has completed during the year that exhibits excellence. Her presentation may include talents and skills she has developed through her Personal Progress goals. Parents are invited to attend.
Give serious thought to the values you might focus on for this event. You may work with a family member, another young woman, or others. It may include shared thoughts or feelings about special events, demonstration of obtained personal goals, or something personal gained from lessons learned in or out of church class.

The project I will be sharing is:                How it helped me to arise and shine:
It's your time to

**(this is the text for the cards we are going to pass out on Sunday to the girls in Young Womens.  It's almost time for our YW in Excellence and hopefully this will get the wheels turning and the girls thinking about all the good and fun and great things over the past year.  You can't really see, but the text had a darling big yellow and white sunburst behind it...)  well anyway, I kindof adapted this idea from something I saw on pinterest, but made it more personal.

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