Tuesday, June 28, 2011

slice of cake pincushion

One of my favorite ladies was having a birthday today and I needed a project....

so this is what I made for her...

What could be better for a birthday than a slice of cake pincushion?
I looked all over to find a pattern and saw one "Slice of Cake" by Cindy Taylor Oates. It's a Taylor Made designs version, but didn't have the patience to wait for a pattern.

chocolate brown, and polka dots seemed like the right choice in colors and style. It didnt' take much fabric, I just used scraps and recycled ribbon. I made a bunch of those twisted roses a while back and found the green one just waiting for me.

It almost makes me want to go make a real chocolate cake...

I like it so much, I might just make another. Watch the crafts or projects section for a how to. (yep, back to blogging... you knew I couldn't stay away for too long.)

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