Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick Valentine Project

I saw this cute idea on Studio 5 the other day... It cost me $2.50 (ya, ya, I could have sprang a few more cents for some cuter ribbon... I know, but hey)...

Just cut strips of double sided paper, fold in half and shape into a heart (I stapled the single hearts together at the bottom of the V...) then hot glue the hearts into 2 long strips of 12-14 hearts per strip. *don't go too far down into the center of each heart with the hot glue...just in the cleavage..*if you know what I mean?** This makes the chain longer and better for the final shaping.
Have fun! Happy V-Cleavage-Day! :)

flower garden

Just a few of the things I am working on. You can email me @ to order one.

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