Thursday, February 25, 2010

fortune cookie giveway

A friend of mine is hosting a fortune cookie giveaway. Go here by Feb. 28th at midnight to win custom handmade fortune cookies.
by the way... Beth!!!! Pick me!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"make-shift store front"

Just in case you were's still snowing in Utah and these headbands are still very relevant! Lucky for me! I'm selling them like hotcakes.
want one?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sa Francisco

Sadie and I got to go to San Francisco this weekend with a friend of mine. It was not her first time on a plane or in a city... but she was way too little before to remember it. This time, I don't think she will EVER FORGET!!!
This is part of the reason why... we were picked up in a LIMO...
She's just a little excited! And totally having the time of her life... (ME TOO!!)

This is why we went.

and once again.... so excited.
isn't she cute? She wanted a green dress like Elphaba the green witch.

we could hardly contain ourselves through the whole show... Sadie kept getting shakey and wide eyed. Me?... it's all I can do to not burst just watching them sing. What a dream!

San Francisco is an interesting place....trolley's, crazy streets, crazy people (Sadie was obsessed with the "HOBO'S"... as she liked to call them) lot's of shopping, beautiful waterfront, the bridge, culture's, and chocolate.

we were missing our family...

neither one of us will ever forget this trip.

Sadie, "little miss confidence" had no fear and lead the pack for the entire shopping day. We didn't buy much but we had a lot of fun looking. just missed the "Buddy the Elf" move on the escalator. She cracked me up the entire time!

I don't know if I can say that "I left my heart in San Francisco..." because I missed them all here at home... so wishing that my sister's could have been there and Mom and Hubby and kids if nothing else to see Sadie... she was so grown up and such fun to be with She was kind and thoughtful and excited and funny. She made the trip ... wicked-awesome!
Let's do it again some time.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

crochetted headbands

I'm having a blast making these cute headbands. These are just a few. The one on top is a little crazy, but cute.

Monday, February 15, 2010


Group DATE
What do you get when you have the ones you love + reservations at the cutest place in town?
the best valentines day ever!
I haven't had that much fun on a valentines day in a long time. My oldest sister is the best party planner and hostess around. She put up with all my additions to her wishful simple plans and totally went all out. She has this incredible knack for making you feel so welcome and wanted and that made for a really great night together. We rarely get the chance to be just with the adults (and can I just give a shout out to the babysitters... i.e. neices and nephew, it made the night so enjoyable for me.) I loved how we reminisced and talked and laughed and just.... felt the LOVE. Thanks to all who made that happen. LOVE YA!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentine suckers

go to the idea room blog for a great tutorial on these cute suckers made from candy canes

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Why green you ask? They are made with recycled magazines. Everyone has them, not sure we feel good about just filling the garbage can with them... so do something productive with them.
Here's how... 1st - rip em' up. Fold them into cone shape. You can rip them into any size you want.
secure them with clear packing tape.
Tuck in the open edge to form a nice top that you will later affix the "greens" to.

get ORANGE fabrics and rip them into 1"-2" peices.
like so...

using this... spray adhesive wrap the fabric peices around the cone.
caution: do not try doing this on your inside coffee table... this glue is messy!!!
The point is a little tricky... I found that when you get to the bottom make sure you have plenty of adhesive and pull back on the fabric the opposite way that you wrapped the entire carrot. This way you have a tight point. Then trim excess fabric.
for the "GREENS" rip green fabrics and fold like so to form 4 loops... tie them in a knot.

like this
spray open end of carrot and shove knot of "greens" into hole
I'm loosing patience with my camera and photo skills... here's the best I could do to catch the final result.

There you have them... a whole garden of "GREEN CARROTS"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

valentine hair-do

Saw this cute hair-do on a blog. It was easy enough for even me to do. Sorry, can't remember the blog that I saw it on... but here's how it goes... 1st, piggy tail with clear or hair colored elastics. 2nd, divide piggy's into two sections. 3rd, twist bottom 2 sections and elastic off to form the V. 4th, twist top 2 sections and elastic off... 5th, bobby pin the arches of the heart in place. Wa-La!
I've got carrot's in the works. I will hopefully come up with a tutorial for you soon...
***this is my superbowl project***
oh... and I'm trying a homemade quesso recipe... I'll let you know how it is!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Quick Valentine Project

I saw this cute idea on Studio 5 the other day... It cost me $2.50 (ya, ya, I could have sprang a few more cents for some cuter ribbon... I know, but hey)...

Just cut strips of double sided paper, fold in half and shape into a heart (I stapled the single hearts together at the bottom of the V...) then hot glue the hearts into 2 long strips of 12-14 hearts per strip. *don't go too far down into the center of each heart with the hot glue...just in the cleavage..*if you know what I mean?** This makes the chain longer and better for the final shaping.
Have fun! Happy V-Cleavage-Day! :)

flower garden

Just a few of the things I am working on. You can email me @ to order one.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Boston Cream Pie

I never met a CREAM PIE i didn't like.. but this one was made for MY MAIN SLICE OF PIE my hubby's birthday.
I was rather proud of myself...all made from scratch. So I'm blogging about the things that made this cake so good. I tested a fewt things to see what the outcome would be. I will say that I really love vanilla beans.. you know, the ones in the pod that you scrape the tiny beans out of that impart delicious flavor? If you've never witnessed.. it's a fun indulgence. Secondly I bought cake flour (specificly Soft as Silk brand) I noticed a difference for sure. It was the same texture as a box mix... more light and crumbly. The ganache on top was thick and rich with the help of some good chocolate and cream. **seriously I need a personal trainer...

I love trying new things and testing it to see if it's all it's cracked up to be. YES~ I think BOSTON will forever hold a place in my heart in more ways than one.

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