Monday, September 28, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth!!!

The greatest show on earth was all that I hoped it would be and more.... full of ELECTRICITY

GRANDPA loved the elephant bearing the flag at the opening... always the PATRIOT
GRANDMA ooed and awed at everything and marveled at how such an event could be pulled off!
MY all time favorite was the Elephants!!!! They were amazing and endearing (the way they held on trunk to tail... I thought that was just in cartoons) they were totally awesome
NICK loved it all! But mostly he loved being with BUDDY
TAYLOR was chosen as part of the preshow events... you go there little magic girl... the magician/ring leader asked her what her favorite color was (hinting and hoping she would choose either red or blue... like the scarf's for the magic trick.... she said "turquoise"! That's Tay Tay for ya.)
SADIE liked the clown dancers... especially the one with the TuTu and funny hair.... and most of all being with TAYLOR
WHERE'S MASON? i'm not sure why he's not pictured... oops... he was there and loved it all! ... oh I know where he was... busy trying to decide what he was going the spend his own money on... he settled for the $9 snow cone! HOLY CIRCUS SCKAMOLLI!
Being with family at the circus PRICELESS
oh ya... Andy loved each and every second of it! he clapped and danced and watched in awe!

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