Friday, March 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Looking forward to the LUCKIEST DAY OF THE YEAR? we are too.
gotta take treats in to my son's class @ school... got any great ideas? I wanted to put something in a black pot that resembled gold. Keep in mind it can't be homemade (stupid rule if you ask me...) I thought about some kind of trail mix or carmel popcorn or something... what do you suggest, I would love to hear?....
*I wish that colorful popcorn you can find at candy shops or Tia Pan wasn't so dang pricy... That would be cute..... hmmm
Here's my banner I saw on someone's blog (sorry... I find these things and then forget where.) Just printed the letters on the computer, cut circles out of card stock and used cupcake liners for the middle crinkle part.
Hope you get LUCKY!
(what a wierd word... say it a bunch of times...lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky... wierd)

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