Sunday, July 26, 2009

Highlights.... and I mean HIGH LIGHTS!

Reunions bring out the best in people is what I have realized! Like this picture for instance:

Rhett was one of many who tried out the BIG BALL WIPEOUT! It was quite impressive to watch :)

HUMAN FOOSEBALL... another adventerous game that brings out competitiveness in even the weakest of players.
And then the PHOTO SHOOT of the generations...notice the love we share amongst cousins who have only met for the first time...
I know it was the time of day, and I know it was the camera lense, but this last image to me kindof shines a little bit of light right down from heaven... don't you think? And I think that it was very likely the case... those in heaven peeking down, watching over, and totally enjoying the weekend along with us.
I wish I would have taken a picture on my camera of my mom and my aunts and uncle... those responsible now for this growing crew. We love them, and all that they have taught us and how happy they have taught us to be! Thanks for the good times.

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