Tuesday, December 14, 2010

crochetted headband tutorial

I sat down yesterday and figured this pattern out. I will do my best to share the pattern. I have shown pictures of one with 2 strands accross and one with 3. Just modify however you like it best.

I used 5.5mm hook, but you can use whatever. the bigger the hook the longer the end product (you probably know that....)

First: Chain 80 stitches (st).

turn, keeping work right side up at all times. slip stitch (sl st) in next 20 stitches, chain 40.

sl st in last 20 stitches to the end of row. row 3 - round corner (once again keeping work right side up) and sl st in same 20 stitches

thus creating a third row. If you only wanted 2 rows you would tie off now.

chain 40, sl st in last 20 stitches. tie off.

cut a 2 inch length of yarn and weave it back into work to finish both ends.

trim excess yarn.

the headband is complete. Add a flower of your choosing. Using the same needle and a 4" peice of coordinating yarn, sew flower onto head band. (in the pic, I used a different color of yarn to sew it on but tried to conceal it, you get the idea)

with needle and thread, sew on button to one end of head band.

finished product.

p.s. I use E600 glue to adhere the jewel's in the center. jewels were purchased at Hobby Lobby. Pattern for flower can be found here. This pattern was Irish Rose.

if you have any questions.... either comment or send me an email:

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