Tuesday, April 2, 2013

spring udate

I never did post about our fun valentines dinner.  Lisa inspired me to decorate our table with pictures of my loved ones....  I loved decorating and surprising my family with these...

Sadie and I got to go see SHREK the musical and spent a fun afternoon shopping at City Creek... good times!

Nick celebrated his 9th birthday... got a fish and won the pinewood derby with his creative PIZZA CAR!  The funnest birthday spent with grandparents and friends.

What would a post be without a yummy treat... here you are, my easter cookies that were quite yummmo!!!
 And our easter weekend spent gathering eggs, smiles, laughs, dirt, sun rays, and good ol spring time fun!

Not one nice Church Clothes Easter Picture to behold... sorry... I seem to forget the important stuff these days... oh well!  Imagine us all dressed up and looking pretty!  :)

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