Monday, February 22, 2010

Sa Francisco

Sadie and I got to go to San Francisco this weekend with a friend of mine. It was not her first time on a plane or in a city... but she was way too little before to remember it. This time, I don't think she will EVER FORGET!!!
This is part of the reason why... we were picked up in a LIMO...
She's just a little excited! And totally having the time of her life... (ME TOO!!)

This is why we went.

and once again.... so excited.
isn't she cute? She wanted a green dress like Elphaba the green witch.

we could hardly contain ourselves through the whole show... Sadie kept getting shakey and wide eyed. Me?... it's all I can do to not burst just watching them sing. What a dream!

San Francisco is an interesting place....trolley's, crazy streets, crazy people (Sadie was obsessed with the "HOBO'S"... as she liked to call them) lot's of shopping, beautiful waterfront, the bridge, culture's, and chocolate.

we were missing our family...

neither one of us will ever forget this trip.

Sadie, "little miss confidence" had no fear and lead the pack for the entire shopping day. We didn't buy much but we had a lot of fun looking. just missed the "Buddy the Elf" move on the escalator. She cracked me up the entire time!

I don't know if I can say that "I left my heart in San Francisco..." because I missed them all here at home... so wishing that my sister's could have been there and Mom and Hubby and kids if nothing else to see Sadie... she was so grown up and such fun to be with She was kind and thoughtful and excited and funny. She made the trip ... wicked-awesome!
Let's do it again some time.

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