Tuesday, November 23, 2010

delicious little acorns

So, you all know I'm crazy...
here's what I'm doing today (when I should really be preparing to die in the most deathly winter storm that's headed our way...my 72 hr kit is strapped to my back while I'm doing it, don't worry... I do have priorities though... :)
Here's how to make darling little acorn's to adorn pie's or cupcakes or just have in a bowl for thanksgiving snacks... (come on - be crazy with me)

here's what you need...
and whatever kind of these you like best... I particularly like carmel filled
unwrap the kiss, and glue to the mini nilla wafer with melted chocolate
let set in freezer for 30 sec.
add a dot of melted chocolate to top and dip in chocolate sprinkles
seriously... aren't these the cutest things you've ever seen?
They don't taste to bad either....
...just imagine them on a slice of pumpkin pie.. won't that be cute? Or on top of a yummy pumpkin or gingerbread cupcake.
or just in a bowl ready for the grabbing... watch out for squirrels.
p.s. I got this idea out of the "What's New Cupcake" cookbook. The link will take you to this great blog, if you go there be sure to look for the cute indian corn cupcakes.. genius!
I'm a copy cat... that's what I do best!
Happy Thanksgiving

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