Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Was This all just a DREAM?

A week in Florida on the Great Space Coast
Having never been to Florida before, I was on the "Gator-watch" from the minute we landed in Orlando. CREEPY!!!! I finally saw this guy the last day leaving our hotel... I knew one was living out there.... and I was totally CREEPED out!
It doesn't look so bad during the day... but at night YIKES!!!

My first day was spent in this position...
The second day was most memorable...I can't believe I actually saw a space ship launch and leave the earth. I totally cried!

It was somewhat sad leaving this day, the thoughts of this being one of the last of these events. I'm sad... but feel totally privledged to have witnessed this.

Can't go the Cocoa Beach without going here!
Surf's uP!

The ocean is a mysterious place... we went fishing and caught a few funny looking creatures.
Sting Ray and Blue Crab
and my favorite...
the PUFFER (check out those teeth... tickle tickle... :)

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