Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Game Suggestion

When I was pregnant with Nick I spent 2 and a half months in the hospital. (my water broke at 18 weeks....) I had lots of time alone, as my family was far away and I was fairly new to AZ. Just reminiscing of those days today. There were so many good and wonderful and people who will forever be dear to my heart that came and visited and took care of my every need. Even people I had never met before but heard that I was in need.... whoever you were **people from Salem ** thanks for the dove chocolate eggs... I will forever be hooked to Dove chocolate because of you (not that I need an excuse to be addicted to chocolate...) That was a very difficult and tender time for me. And to be quite honest!!!!! BORING!!!!!! I sat there for 79 days. Until finally about the last 2 weeks they installed in my room a flat screen, pull down, touch screen computer. I played NEWTONS NIGHTMARE for hours. It's quite addictive (I'm seeing a personality trend here... yikes) Seriously... try it! It's good stuff!!!


I remember I would dream about it. Crazy pregnant hospital dreaming thing I guess.

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