Thursday, September 18, 2008

scrapy cards!!!

count em' 58 cards. I have been totally loving making cards over the last 4 days. I went to a farmers market last Saturday and found a S.U. lady who had tons of retired stamp sets. I bought one "noteworthy" and the rest is history... I have officially filled my box with birthday, friend, love, bliss, and baby cards.... only the thing with it is I had a huge box of scrap paper from scrapbooking that I didn't know what to do with. So each card is random size and shape just to use up my paper. How fun!
So friends and loved ones, get having babies and giving me reasons to send love, friend and whatever else cards... OHHH and while I've been crafting up a storm... I have been listening to this awesome set of CD's that a neighbor lent to me. I highly recommend it. Totally giving me a new perspective about life, relationships and my lovely marriage. ENJOY!

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