Thursday, October 13, 2011

my latest project... paper mache

these large 16" paper mache balloons...

... will hopefully soon be over sized Christmas ornaments... can you see it?
I would love any tips on paper mache if you have any leave me a comment...

I'm decorating for a Christmas charity event in our local high school. The event is called "Share A Little Christmas" it's through Tanglewood Studios (where Sadie dances) and is to support the New Hope Crisis Center. We are collecting pajamas, & books for the Pajama Program, and food for Tremonton Food Pantry.

We are decorating a very large area and I was thinking about dangling these large balls... (you knew it was coming...) from the cascading stair case just above the stage. Hopefully I can make them look decent! Share your ideas of how to make this work... I would love to know how you would embellish them?

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