Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine by candle light (family style)

Crazy boy and I are making preparations for valentines day fun...

just thought we'd share.

This is the extra jumbo size homemade box that will be filled with "chocolate notes" for Sadie's 5th grade teacher. She just had surgery and is home recovering... gotta go to class here in a bit!

now on to dinner... If you like allfredo and all things pepper-y like me... you should really look for this brand of peppercorn fettuccine, it's soooo good.

shrimp hearts

and of course, candles....

for each kiss we take we have to say I Love You BecAuSe...

sadly, I purchased my own flowers and chocolates this year... (oh well, they are cheaper the day before :) ... what? just trying to save)

it's all worth it when you see this...

hoping the family appreciates a dinner at home... (much cheaper this way, but still loads of fun.)

last but not least... dessert


...needless to say I did workout this morning! :)


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