You know those expensive wooden flower wreaths you see in stores these days?  I found a great tutorial for them and kindof gave it my modified twist (no pun intended)

draw on the music sheet a swirl

stack three sheets together with the swirl drawn page on top...

cut all three sheets with spiral page on top and then roll sprial from big end to little end.

use glue as necessary and/or tuck small end up through center to hold the flowers together.

once you have a lot of flowers made, start glueing onto styrofoam wreath form.  be as random or as uniform as you like.... it takes LOTS of flowers and LOTS of hot glue.

this is my almost finished product... I am going to hang it on the wall with a pretty ribbon... I'm still working on mine.
Scarves, Scarves, Scarves...

I think I'll write a tutorial about how to do these fun little things...  They really aren't hard to do and I think they are really cute.
I found them on a blog a year or so ago and blogged about them at this website...

however, I think I will add my 2 cents.. so stay tuned!

p.s. I really need a new model, I know!!!!  hopefully Sadie will pose for me!
From the above book: 

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