Friday, December 2, 2011

3D paper snowflakes

Just a few things I've been doing today...

*I can't wait for December 17th*

(benefit concert at BRHS where these decorations will be hung)

have you seen these? Here is a great tutorial on how to make here
(...and then come back)
they're really cute white too... my kids and I made them on Sunday afternoon with just white computer paper and they are quite large. I decided that I would try them colored and on card stock. The green is from 12x12 and the red and blue are just 8.5x11. I like that they are nice and sturdy and will look really cute hung from fishing line. If you live here in Tremonton and want to see them up close and personal, (either come over...) or Dalton's has them in their display window, these same color's and everything.

they may look hard, but they are really simple.

let it snow!!!

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