Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seriously.... this is my problem....

I find yummy looking stuff like this and think... "oh how easy, I need to try that."

...i mean, common' ... pumpkin praline ice cream... i want to lick the screen.

go here for the recipe

and have I already shown you these? remember my acorns from last year? aren't these just as cute?

doughnut holes dipped in nutella (or chocolate or carmel), chocolate sprinkles and a pretzel stick.... Love IT!

Sad isn't it? that even the thought of these deliciously calorie rich treats make my cheeks puff! why can't looking at them taste good and be calorie free? oh well... off to have a diet coke! he he he

Monday, September 26, 2011

never tried cake in a jar?

Click on this link or the one to the side I AM BAKER and see how she did these... I've been dying to try cake in a jar, but this is totally genius!

her website is full of inspiration... the pumpkin spice cake sounds delish! Can't wait to try them! She did this before, the cake in a jar thing, only did 1 cake mix 8 ways. look at that too!

I should be getting paid for saying this! :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

just a few things I've been up to

First of all.... can you believe it's already...

...??? me either!

I grew these sunflowers in my yard, and they were all but ready to bite the dust... so I saved a few and livened up my house with them...

something about a sunflower just makes you smile...

then... add this cute little curious guy and life is good.

He was waiting to go with me to help at the kids school. That back pack was filled with good things like fruit snacks, more fruit snacks, coloring book and crayons.

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My HEALTHY side! :)

This is my way of packing in the vitamins and greens for the day. It sounds wierd and crazy... but I really like it and swear that it has made me feel better. I drink it 3 times a week. A while ago I had a crazy blood donating experience that kindof made me take a look at ways to make my body feel better. For instance, my legs cramped terribly right after giving blood and I seem to have had a problem with that ever since. If I drink this drink regularly, my legs are fine (it's mostly when I exercise) but the days I don't, I'm a mess. So, that's what GREEN LEMONADE does for me. Try it! I dare you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Banana Cream Cake... Grandma's recipe

It's one of my favorite things to find something like this... This was in my Grandma's recipe box, something I inherited and love to pull out every once in a while. My Dad has talked about how much he loved this it even one more reason to love it!

More than the big fluffy piles of whipped cream on the top of the cake, you'll notice that the recipe has only 7 ingredients (cream being the main one). I was totally impressed at the way the cake came out.

It is light and fluffy, and rich, but not too rich. Dad talks about the way he loved to eat it when his Mom made it for him... It was made from the fresh cream they had, sliced into layers with fresh banana's and more whipped cream on top.

...just doing my duty to pass that on to my son's!

...wish you could be here Dad to have a slice. I think you would have liked it. Notice I said would have... that picture was about the last of it. Soon after we devoured it!!!

if you would like to try it, and are having trouble reading it... (don't you love her handwriting though?...)

Cream Cake:

1 c. whipping cream (whipped)

1 c. sugar Add slowly

3 eggs. add one at a time

1 1/2 c. flour (cake)

1 1/2 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

1 tsp. vanilla

sift dry ingredients and mix

bake 20 minutes @ 400

{love the little note at the top... GOOD!}

{between the layers I made vanilla pudding with fresh banana slices, and topped it with sweetened whip cream}

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Promontory Point and the Spiral Jetty

We spent the weekend taking advantage of some of the interesting places in our back yard... Northern Utah is famous for being the meeting point of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point. my camera was on a "color swap" setting.
it captures the brightest color and makes it the focus of the pictures... the sky was really that blue!

It was a beautiful day and a fun reenactment of the golden spike.
here comes the steam train.... choo choo

Here are a few of the folks from 1869

A little farther down the tracks... was the great salt lake. Check out the water? it's PINK!!! CRAZY PINK!!!!
The water level was a bit high, but what you're looking at is the Spiral Jetty. It's a man made structure made of black rocks in the form of a spiral on the lake floor. Some dude made it in the 70's. (kindof interesting.. wish we could have seen it better.... but just the lake alone was worth seeing)


That was the best smile of the day award!!!

These TWO!!! :)

We spent a little time doing some target practice. We all shot a round or two and hung out climbing on the rocks.

A great weekend getaway... even if it wasn't too far away!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

loving... and learning about PINTEREST

So, fellow bloggers and friends of mine who look here.... How does PINTEREST work? I love going on there and looking at stuff, how do you PinTEresT?

Look at these totally darling treat ideas! I want to have a Christmas in September party just so I can have one. Found this on Pinterest from

guess you'll have to go see for yourself.

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