Wednesday, September 28, 2011

seriously.... this is my problem....

I find yummy looking stuff like this and think... "oh how easy, I need to try that."

...i mean, common' ... pumpkin praline ice cream... i want to lick the screen.

go here for the recipe

and have I already shown you these? remember my acorns from last year? aren't these just as cute?

doughnut holes dipped in nutella (or chocolate or carmel), chocolate sprinkles and a pretzel stick.... Love IT!

Sad isn't it? that even the thought of these deliciously calorie rich treats make my cheeks puff! why can't looking at them taste good and be calorie free? oh well... off to have a diet coke! he he he

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  1. Jenny I miss being around you and all your fun ideas, These look so good!! and cute too! Hope you and your family are doing good!-Cami


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