Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Fourth of July Freedom Favorites

The Delta Parade: from the JET FLY-BY, to the kids collecting candy, to watching Grandpa (Our own WAR HERO) ride by!

" ...oh beautiful for Hero's proved, in liberating strife... who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life..."

Veitnam Vetrans were honored, and our Grandpa was one of them. We sat in the park and felt the real patriotism of what the 4th of July stands for.
I was so impressed at how well the kids behaved, they will never forget what they heard and how proud they felt to have Grandpa honored...

(...a few treats didn't hurt in keeping them quiet!)

... and then bring on the noise, and booms, and celebration!!!

I've never seen a better neighborhood fireworks display...

from neighborhood to neighborhood you could see the sky lit up in the most fantastic fire show ever!!!

and of course my #1 favorite freedom of all this weekend was the company I was with...


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