Monday, May 9, 2011

San Diego Highlights...

I just returned home from a week long getaway to San Diego... It was such a fun week (thanks to Grandparents, friends, and neighbors taking over our life for us... big thanks to you all!!!)
A few highlights from the trip:

First Priority!!!!!!
I told Jake that when I'm old and about to die, just take me to San Diego with a soft towel and a stack of my favorite books and let me die there.
Second priority... Carlsbad flower fields and shopping! Totally lived up to my expectations. Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? 52 Acres of flowers... and my favorite kind to boot~ ranunculas
We took some cheesy picture of me in the flower fields... soooo nerdy... I will not be sharing those!

Wish this were my back yard.

next day and next priority: The San Diego Temple sits right on the freeway so that all who pass by will notice her! WOW! And if you think the outside is cool... you should see the inside~

I know this sounds cheesy, but I felt like a princess going inside this place.

This picture was taken just before entering the doors.... they were ornate glass sliding doors that as you walk close open wide to welcome you.

something about it just made me feel so loved and happy! So much so that I spent almost the whole day there.

priority for sure was MEXICAN FOOD... this crazy good bowl of guacamole was by far the best thing I ate while there... it was in Old Town San Diego at a restaurant called ....something Del Guada LaJara. oh my it was good~

we took a trolley tour most of the day and ended our day exhausted and feet sore at PETCO park to watch a Padres game! Our tickets... no lie were at the very top row in the most ridiculous corner... we sat there for about 2 minutes and moved seats... we only stayed close to 5 innings and went back to our La Jolla hotel home!

Now... at last.... I had waited all week for this... I'm so pathetic... I had researched a bunch of famous cupcake shops and knew I wanted to make it to at least one. Lucky for me, SPRINKLES cupcakes was right in La Jolla where we stayed...

once again... took a totally nerdy cheesy picture of myself here and will not ever share it with anyone, except maybe my private journal :)

the sign on the glass says "MOM loves cupcakes"

YES, SHE DOES love SPRINKLES cupcakes... strawberry was my most favorite flavor.. I tried a few :)

last day there we went to Coronado... to see among other things the Hotel Del Coronado.

I totally loved looking for these little creatures under the rocks on the beach at Coronado... I knew my little boys would love to see that. Andy asks 95 times a day to "see that crab"

a totally overcast day made for really pleasant site seeing.

the inside was spectacular! one lucky bride was wandering around in her bath robe, hair and make up done and checking on the ballroom to see how it was looking... truly amazing!!! people spend crazy money?

I'll never forget this one! Good TiMEs~

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