Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Emma's Garden Party ... and a few moustache friends.

Sorry you two.... I had to do it! These pic's are so funny! I had leftover chocolate from making petit fours and so I made these. I'm obsessed with anything on a stick lately I guess.
Enrichment was a success. I helped with food, decor and music (my favorite things).

We had sweet gardens and savory gardens (and a bucket of meatballs)
I ended up contributing, lemon tartlets, pecan pie tarts, Oreo strawberry petit fours, puff pastry ham and parm. spirals, and cucumber mini tea sandwiches.
there was plenty of food and people stayed and visited forever. I think the format of no seating and mingling while eating made for more conversations. The program "Emma's Garden Party" was worth talking about. It was Emma in her garden greeting each of the General Relief Society Presidents throughout history. They each spoke a little about their tenure as president and the narration talked of the world and the history of what was happening while they were in office. Very interesting to see how we've come from gathering wheat, to social service, to humanitarian efforts, to focusing on our own families and always provident living. I love relief society and the legacy of women in my own life that have taught me the joy you can get from being involved in Relief Society, with women who share a common goal. I felt the support and strength that my ward has for each other last night. We have an awesome Relief Society Presidency who serve and love us. There were probably close to 60 women there!

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