Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first day of school... 6:45 am Mason (14) 8th grade, Sadie (11)  6th grade, Nick (8)  3rd grade.

"don't smile Nick, whatever you do!!!"

Um... somebody was extremely excited for school today!!!!!!

and so darling, might I add...

it was a lot of hair to curl but we had plenty of time.. she was up at 1 am, and then again at 6, dressed by 6:15!  It's a miracle!!  It may only be this one day, but it happened and I have pictures to prove it!  (She's not such a morning person!)  Had to be to the bus by 7:05 and had a 40 lb back pack to carry!!!  Wow, we did it!  Now... what to do, what to do...  CLEAN!!!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

it's been a while... i've missed you blogger world...

This has been a good summer...  Brigham City Temple Open House

I am a gardener... look at my harvest!

4th of July Derby in Delta...


We spent time with cousins in the mountains

hiked to a water fall

did some lake fishing with some of our favorite fisher-people 
everyone caught one!!!!

the best fisherwomen of all...

and the loot

cousins are the best!

family reunions and memories to last a lifetime

all 3 months in a nutshell...

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