Thursday, April 1, 2010

saran wrapped april fool's

We are not HUGE into the whole practical joke thing at our house... but it's April Fool's... who can resist? We had a series of saran wrap pranks this morning... one on the toilet, one on the toothpaste, one around the comb... you know (sort of obvious)... well NICK didn't like it one bit!!! He's the one the prank of the toilet back fired on (hehehehe)... so all morning he's asked me "Mom, when do you wash your hands?" I could see it all over his face DETERMINATION to do some pay backs... v

Story #2 for the day
This is the story of my little cheeser Andy and his best friend BEARRR (to say it like he does you really have to emphasize the rrr)...
Nothing in his world is right without the comfy feel of his sidekick on his hip... And seriously who can blame him... there is nothing better than a warm bath in the morning and a nap on the comfy chair with BEARRRR

oh and don't forget BLANK (blanket)... ahhh to be a kid again...

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