Friday, April 17, 2009

all I want for my birthday....

Ever since General Conference (and quite a while before then...) I have been dying to go to the temple. I have been putting it off for several reasons... one MAIN one is pictured below with very cute and irresistable cheeks (that require nursing.) But one can find a hundred excuses.. and SHOULDN'T~ So, for my birthday... sometime this weekend I would like to go to the temple. I don't mind if I go alone or with my eternal companion as much as I care just to get there. I haven't gone alone to do "alone things" for quite some time and I hear it is very rewarding. I loved this quote by Elder Bednar in his Sunday afternoon talk: “I have come to understand better the protection available through our temple covenants and what it means to make an acceptable offering of temple worship. There is a difference between church-attending, tithe-paying members who occasionally rush into the temple to go through a session and those members who faithfully and consistently worship in the temple.” found here from General Conference this year.
I sure hope that things work out... and if not, that I will make the time soon to go to the TEMPLE! What am I waiting for?

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