Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For your "convenience"

Here is my ode to the convenience store... There's nothing like a good ol' hometown convenience store . And it seems like there has never been a time in my life that I haven't had my "favorite"... for instance:
Salem Market - (mostly cause Mom worked there and I could sluff school and see her.)

"Buds" - (to get the unmentionable jerky chew that would make me look TOUGH for all the bullies in my 4th grade life.)

Fast Gas - BIKE RIDE

Harts - high school

Loyds - (where my summer fantasy boy worked in Archer Idaho... oh Matt... why couldn't you have mowed the lawn everyday....?)

7-11 - ubiquitous, notorious

Maverick - current

and now....Harris Market, where I found this lovely little purple jewel. Idaho Huckleberry Cordial... are you kidding? It's the culmination of all the convenience goodness...and boy is it good. Garland/Tremonton is proving to feel more homey all the time! :)

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