Wednesday, May 13, 2009

For your "convenience"

Here is my ode to the convenience store... There's nothing like a good ol' hometown convenience store . And it seems like there has never been a time in my life that I haven't had my "favorite"... for instance:
Salem Market - (mostly cause Mom worked there and I could sluff school and see her.)

"Buds" - (to get the unmentionable jerky chew that would make me look TOUGH for all the bullies in my 4th grade life.)

Fast Gas - BIKE RIDE

Harts - high school

Loyds - (where my summer fantasy boy worked in Archer Idaho... oh Matt... why couldn't you have mowed the lawn everyday....?)

7-11 - ubiquitous, notorious

Maverick - current

and now....Harris Market, where I found this lovely little purple jewel. Idaho Huckleberry Cordial... are you kidding? It's the culmination of all the convenience goodness...and boy is it good. Garland/Tremonton is proving to feel more homey all the time! :)


  1. Jenny! I just found your blog! How fun...I love it! Send me your e-mail, and I will invite you to ours.


  2. Alright, Jenny...I just perused your blog and love it to pieces! Okay, we had our fourth babe on June 21st...when was Andrew born? and are you in Primary? When I saw that sugardoodle link, I wondered...I am 1st counselor right now.

    This sure makes me miss your fun family! Mason looks so big! You are just as crafty as ever!

  3. Jen, this makes me laugh because I have lots of Harts memories. Let's get together SOON!

  4. Matt at Lloyds? Thank goodness he didn't mow the lawn everyday. Your life would be miserable at this point!

  5. You will have to send me a purple one.

    The cherry coridal is my favorite all time!


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