Friday, August 29, 2008


What is it about Friday that makes me want to run away to some great shopping adventure, have lunch with friends and not a care in the world. I have had a few of those times.... like in Seattle, shopping in the city center and riding the monorail, or pikes place market, and lunch at "that great Mexican place"... why can't I ever remember the name of it. Or, in New York in central park with my little Mason totally oblivious of the cop car, helicopter, foot chasing bandits that came charging. New York was always adventurous. I loved the Friday's in the fall particularly in New Jersey. I would just get in my car and drive to unknown places and shop. In Chandler we lived close to a lot of shopping that was a stroller walk with my 2 little kiddlets and a trip to AJ's for a fancy treat. I remember plenty of times that come Friday I would ride across town to visit Jake for lunch with the kids and go to the golf course restaurant with all the other "lunch-break" workers. Something about Friday just makes you happy. It's a long weekend... and trust me, I've had a long week! I am happy it's Friday. And then I realize that I am in outer Mongolia.... (aka Tremonton) where there is really nothing of interest to do or see and a husband who is back to the chopping block on the old budget routine... and so I guess... me and the old diet coke buddy will just sit and look at other peoples blogs and excititng lives and reminisce.

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