Monday, May 31, 2010

The Birthday Bash!!!


tHE mONARCH'S hAVE lANDED... but not for long... they spread their wings and fly too fast!

Sadie had such a fun birthday party. She had 9 friends come. They all were so cute and nice and made celebrating all that much more fun!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 years old!!!

The Birthday Boy!!!
(why is it that I can't seem to remember to wipe the face before taking pictures?????)

He loved every minute of this day, from opening presents, to playing with the new things, to the singing, and blowing out his candles... if only birthday's could always stay this magical.

The bubble blowing lawn mower ... #1 SUCCESS!!! As soon as we got home from church he was right back at it!

This is Andy's version of TWO fingers... he liked slam dunking from on top of the table.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Was This all just a DREAM?

A week in Florida on the Great Space Coast
Having never been to Florida before, I was on the "Gator-watch" from the minute we landed in Orlando. CREEPY!!!! I finally saw this guy the last day leaving our hotel... I knew one was living out there.... and I was totally CREEPED out!
It doesn't look so bad during the day... but at night YIKES!!!

My first day was spent in this position...
The second day was most memorable...I can't believe I actually saw a space ship launch and leave the earth. I totally cried!

It was somewhat sad leaving this day, the thoughts of this being one of the last of these events. I'm sad... but feel totally privledged to have witnessed this.

Can't go the Cocoa Beach without going here!
Surf's uP!

The ocean is a mysterious place... we went fishing and caught a few funny looking creatures.
Sting Ray and Blue Crab
and my favorite...
the PUFFER (check out those teeth... tickle tickle... :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day Story

So, here is the proof of what my mother's day was like. I do love my kids and gifts from theme at church are nice... I do like flowers and dirt... but the combo of all said things proved somewhat catastrophic for me Sunday. All 4 gave me a card with a chocolate kiss (that was suppose to be attached.. they ate them) All gave me a red plastic cup with a potted patunia (in haste to hand it to me first one was sprung onto my tipsy lap and covered the above pictured open toed white shoes... freshly done pedicure'd toes too I might add...) DUMPED DIRT, not my favorite mother's day present, but a good mother's day laugh and memory!

gotta go get a root canal... lucky me!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Motherhood is Interesting....
At first I thought it was the hardest, most rewarding, awful tiring job I'd ever had. I still feel those things at times... but it's funny how things evolve. I hope that I've improved since those first early times of experiencing motherhood. I have almost 12 years experience and there are days that I feel like a new-comer. There are also days that I feel like maybe I'm getting the hang of a few things. There is one thing for sure... this MOTHERING THING is something I LOVE!!!!

This is my beautiful MOM... she taught me what LOVE is.

This one teaches me about trying to be better constantly and on many levels...
This one teaches me compassion, patience, and all things girly and pretty and good...
These ones are the ones that make me tender hearted as all get out... they also can drive me crazy... They have individuality and personality and my life is changed because of them...
I used to hate mother's day... I dreaded it in fact... I guess this year I realize how blessed and lucky I really am. I've always known that, but I recognize it all on my own this time... no breakfast or flowers could make me more grateful! (which is not to say that I don't want those things... )
{especially to all of you, my lady-friends who have been supporters and role-models to me. A shout out goes to you who no longer have your mom's... I think of you the most on this day.}
love ya.

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