Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sometimes life is a little "hairy"

Life has been a little "HAIRY" for Andy these days. He got the cold that seems to be circulating in our family... not lucky for him.... it turned into much more than just runny nose and cough... so we took him to the Dr. and he sent us home with a breathing machine, antibiotics, and a sympathetic pat on the back. Andy's not real sure about sitting still for 6 minutes with the mask on...this picture doesn't do the hair justice.. but it is wacko! today!

He slept forever this morning which made for some crazy hair and cute smiles.
Nick even got to take a chug on the peace pipe.
he's practicing... and finally got the mask the right way

All in all he's feeling a bit better, sleeping, and deep breathing some good fog...

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