Monday, December 15, 2008

Sadie's snowball creation's

nothing better than a snowy saturday...and to celebrate Sadie fashioned herself some snow ball should try it!
all you need is:
white pom poms
stretchy clear bracelet chord
clear beads
we dissasembled some old earrings and used the hooks for the earrings.
add a little pink make-up, a cute smile, and you're stylin'!!

all the WHO'S in WHO-VILLE!

it was Mason's idea... he said we had never made gingerbread houses before... well, that was not good... we cheated a little and made them out of graham crackers...
Nick got a little frusterated with the roof building and decided to just eat it... yummmmm....
My big girl Sadie who just does her thing... she had a great time and was very creative doing her cute little cottage...
now the frosting is over... bring out the candy caddy...
So, here's how it goes... Dad's, Sadie's, Mom's, Nick's, and Mason's

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