Monday, December 15, 2008

Sadie's snowball creation's

nothing better than a snowy saturday...and to celebrate Sadie fashioned herself some snow ball should try it!
all you need is:
white pom poms
stretchy clear bracelet chord
clear beads
we dissasembled some old earrings and used the hooks for the earrings.
add a little pink make-up, a cute smile, and you're stylin'!!


  1. Sadie I LOVE THE JEWLRY!!! I think that you should make me some so we can be twinners!~

  2. In the cutest Mom contest, you win by about a million miles. Your kids are beautiful and talented. I love their craftiness coming out (as expected, right?). Thanks for your comments and your friendship, Jenny. I appreciate hearing from you more than you know. I just got your Christmas card. The pic turned out great. Don't you just wish you had the magic incantation to make EVERYONE look at the camera at the same time. Impossible, I tell ya. I'd love to do the birthday bash thing. What should the plan be? I need to give you call. I just got called as 2nd counselor in Primary and I need to steal some of your great ideas. Love you. XOXO.

  3. Great Jewelery Sadie!

    as per your question - I made that popcorn on my Moms with the white chocolate and milk chocolate and then cinnamon bear popcorn with marshmellows. It was easy and turned out cute.

    The cutest neighbor gift I have received was a thin folder with 7 christmas stories and a 2 liter of 7up. The cover of the folder said "7-Uplifting stories for Christmas." This may not live up to your crafty reputation - but it seemed easy and I loved it!

    I also got a gift of 3 large marshmellows on a skewer with chocolate drizzled over them and pieces of graham crackers in little pieces underneath the chocolate drizzle. They had also gotten red and green chocolate and drizzled it over. So it looked great and was really yummy. I realize that explanation doesn't make much sense - so let me know if you want more info.


  4. Another idea -

    I received a small tupperware with fresh salsa and a small bag of chips. The note said Feliz Navidad. I am going to make a mental note to do this next year with that yummy bean salsa of Lisa's with the garbonzo beans and the corn. That salsa makes a boatload and is very colorful.


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