Monday, October 31, 2011

the real halloween was the best!!

Andy was sporting the "Jay Munns" Mustache...

The clown costume is a passed down tradition

so glad this was our fourth and final time of doing makeup on this guy, but the end result was sweet...

Highlights from Halloween

Our teenagers... had good times together
aren't they soooo cute!

Grandma, Amber (my hero) and Trent

Bobbing for apples

he tried and tried....

Uncle Mike showed him how...

some of the girls..

couldn't get over the glasses

the whole gang!

a personal favorite moment... funny funnny, doughnut eating contest!

Krisi and her fabulous art work... doesn't she look amazing?

cute little girls... once again, don't you love the makeup?

Ellie was especially darling, I thought...those little eyes :)

The Batty Old Woman can still put on quite a party, thanks to the help of her ever hard working sidekick, the red eyed mummy!

something about a cute little cowboy bum!

loved the full body shot here.


my cowboys have True Grit

I personally like the actions shots that catch us just having fun and being together....Nick liked the pumkin shoot out (water gun shoots out the flame in the pumpkin..)

Nick was such a good sport and had so much fun at both grandma's parties!

we all had a blast! it's so fun to have these kinds of get togethers, they create such good memories to last a lifetime! Thanks everyone for making it so fun... especially GRANDMA'S!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

my latest pinterest find...

cute party idea, tortilla wraps, cut into rounds and stacked on cake plate. Love it....

I Love this tree skirt... its made of burlap and muslin and is a no sew project. It would be time consuming, but totally worth it!!! love the ruffles!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In case you were wondering????

If anyone needs to find me, I'll be over at PINTEREST..... I'm seriously addicted! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

my latest project... paper mache

these large 16" paper mache balloons...

... will hopefully soon be over sized Christmas ornaments... can you see it?
I would love any tips on paper mache if you have any leave me a comment...

I'm decorating for a Christmas charity event in our local high school. The event is called "Share A Little Christmas" it's through Tanglewood Studios (where Sadie dances) and is to support the New Hope Crisis Center. We are collecting pajamas, & books for the Pajama Program, and food for Tremonton Food Pantry.

We are decorating a very large area and I was thinking about dangling these large balls... (you knew it was coming...) from the cascading stair case just above the stage. Hopefully I can make them look decent! Share your ideas of how to make this work... I would love to know how you would embellish them?

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