Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"School in Summer????"

In case you've been wondering what we've been up to... well let me tell you. Mason and a group of neighborhood buddies (including Sadie and Nick) are holding summer school. It is not just any summer school... it's "NATURE" school. They hike up a dirt road near our house to a group of trees where they spend every afternoon teaching and learning and talking about things like: birds, insects, water and land mammals, rocks and minerals, and I'm sure other non-related things. They have all been given certain rolls: for instance Mason is... was.... the "field-trip director". He has now deemed himself as the insect instructor. Sadie is the "Principle" and has established a disciplinary system that she is quite proud of. Being the only girl at the school I guess she gets that privilege. She "observes" at each class (or respective tree) and watches behavior. If she has to mark anyone 4 times they are in "detention". This includes standing near a "thorny bush" and writing 30 times "I will not be bad". Nick, he's an "observer" as well... just ask him. They all have been working very hard on making this school something that the neighborhood boys will want to attend. They have done a good job I think. Keep in mind Mason sent out a fl yer that covered all bases including: "we are not responsible for insect bites and accidents"............parents signature needed_______________________x

These are the good things summers are made of!

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