Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These are my cute little "chicken's"... it was family picture night and we caught a few snapshots after. Wish I could have gotten more by the red brick house..

In a New York state of mind

I used to see this view often... we lived in New Jersey several years ago. I would take my little boy to Liberty State Park to play and look at this very view... only with the twin towers standing well above the rest of the buildings. It became a pretty "usual" thing to do, to go to the park, or ride the train in to see the sights, or go to central park and have a picnic. It was something I will never forget.
I got a call from an old friend today... and it made me think of this City! He and his wife are having a very different experience than I there, but nonetheless I think of this place with fondness. Like you say Chellese... there is a heart beat there, a rhythm that keeps things moving and exciting and alive...

That's it... I'm ready... let's go to New York! I'm craving a chicken parm sandwich from one of those little mom and pop Italian deli's. I'd even take a hot dog from a street vendor!

Here's hoping my friends make it out alive!

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