Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nerd Alert!!!

ATTACK of the NERD!!!

(doesn't he kindof look like that kid on "The SandLot"... "FOR-EV-ER...">>>)
... remember being a kid in the summer? .... ahhhh I would love to have just one of those again.
hair cut and fish braid.... as promised!

DELTA 4TH OF JULY Grandma was so nice and bought us all matching shirts... the kids looked cute and got tons of candy at the parade as usual.



this little pill not long after this picture was taken decided to run away from Grandma and Grandpa's house... the sherriff came and found his Mom (quality moment... :) and took me to him at the not to distant neighbors house where this little stinker decided to go and make friends.... Nothing like a little "run-away" to get the heart pumping...

He still walks around saying... "kitty ran away mom..." we think he might have been after the illusive cat! Dang CAT! Yah! Let's blame the CAT!

Here they are all decorated... aren't they cute?
Nick? having a good time yet? Not sure.... It was all smiles once he reached the end of the road and the popsicle stand though... GOOD TIMES!!! GOOD TIMES!!!

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