Tuesday, June 28, 2011

slice of cake pincushion

One of my favorite ladies was having a birthday today and I needed a project....

so this is what I made for her...

What could be better for a birthday than a slice of cake pincushion?
I looked all over to find a pattern and saw one "Slice of Cake" by Cindy Taylor Oates. It's a Taylor Made designs version, but didn't have the patience to wait for a pattern.

chocolate brown, and polka dots seemed like the right choice in colors and style. It didnt' take much fabric, I just used scraps and recycled ribbon. I made a bunch of those twisted roses a while back and found the green one just waiting for me.

It almost makes me want to go make a real chocolate cake...

I like it so much, I might just make another. Watch the crafts or projects section for a how to. (yep, back to blogging... you knew I couldn't stay away for too long.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

In case you were wondering????

I haven't just been sleeping my life away (instead of blogging...)

It's just that it's SUMMER!
Ya gotta love it!

I am, however, getting the itch to craft or sew or something... so don't avoid me for too long.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

anyone need a cake.

Oh my... just saw this cake on a blog and REALLY WANT TO MAKE IT.

Anyone have a need for a fancy cake?

the tutorial showed the inside and it looks like the cake was strawberry chocolate swirled, so when you cut into it it's stripped.

check it out here

Summer baseball is on...

The schedule goes something like this:

Saturday: double header

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday... at the ball park.


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