Monday, November 16, 2009

this one might be safe

I think I'm safe posting this one. I've been very busy lately working on all sorts of fun christmas presents. I wish I could blog about each one of them because I am having so much fun making them. However, that would totally ruin the surprise and the fun now wouldn't it? Of all the projects I've made...this one is about my favorite so far. Nick designed this robot guy. He sketched it out on paper and I made it come to life with fabric and buttons, and random gadgets in the the crafty things. He's soft and adorable and hopefully his recipiant (who never looks at this blog) will be surprised and like it.
Nick LOVES it!


  1. I love it Jenny-turned out so cute!

  2. k, now I want to know who its for

  3. SO cute! Emme has been doing some projects like this out of felt. She draws a picture (or has a younger sibling draw it) and then uses that as a pattern to make a softie. I LOVE the cooperative creative process!


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