Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Gardening....

If you can believe it, I actually came up with this one on my own. We are having a garden party for Enrichment next week. We are serving finger foods and deserts just to keep things simple. And I thought that they would be extra cute if they were served in these "raised picket gardens". So imagine 3 raised gardens on the table with treats displayed in rows and random garlands with gords and fall looking things at the base.
I used:
boxes from the bakery
white poster board cut into 1" x 6" (and then cut to form a peak)
hot glued them to the box
wrapped them with fuzzy green yarn.
I'm still thinking about varying the heights on the pickets... can't decide.
I think these would be really cute for any party, shower, wedding, or other garden-y event.

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