Tuesday, November 17, 2009

need a "quicky"?

These little Petit Fours are the fastest little whip em' up treats and they are tasty!!!
1/4 c. whipped mixed berry cream cheese spread
12 oreo white fudge covered chocoate sandwich cookies
6 strawberries, halved
semi sweet chocolate chips

spread 1 tsp cream cheese onto each cookie; top each cookie with strawberry half. drizzle with melted chocolate.
*this recipe came from kraft food&family magazine.

they seriously take 5 minutes to make.... now.... do I take them to enrichment or let my kids eat them for after school snacks?

1 comment:

  1. After school snacks! Don't deprive the kids.

    I heard you would be in Delta on T-day. Please call me. Maybe I can steal you for a few minutes to walk through Shannon's nearly complete house.


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