Friday, October 10, 2008

Where the green grass grows!

It finally happened. After weeks and weeks of hard work, we finally got our back yard in. Can you say GRASS!!! Yikes! That is going to be a lot of mowing. Have fun Mason. :) Mom and Dad surprised us and showed up to help. We all enjoyed watching from the kitchen window the crew of sod layers do their magic. We have the hook ups here in this neighborhood. Not only is there a sod farm near by, our neighbor works there and cut us a great deal on "seconds" and an "install crew" to boot! 5 of them had it knocked out in 2 hours.... beats the heck out of Jake and Me doing the whole thing in a day or two! Jake is awesome! He did the sprinkler system and all the other hard prep work. The big dirt patch in the middle will be a giant sand box that the swing set will sit in. We'll see how soon the kids can convince Dad to put it up. There is a stinkin football field in my back yard.... TURKEY BOWL at our house!

alright it can snow now.... we are suppose to see snow this weekend!


  1. Wahoo! It looks great!We'll have to stop by and see it on our way home from Idaho!

  2. hooray for grass!! i so wish i had a yard!

  3. It does look great! Thanks so much for having a party at your house for my mom. She loved it. I wish I could have been there.

  4. Jenny--I found your blog today when I was surfing through some others I just found. I'm so glad to have found you since we lost touch a while ago. Looks like all is going well. We are in Texas now and you can check out our blog


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