Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A classic childhood moment...

It's Parent Teacher Conference day today. The kids are doing exceptionally well :) especially with the help of this....

Translation: (10 year old boys handwriting... ya gotta love it)

Dear Mom,

If I got Star Wars Battle Front (a PS2 game...) I would some how do better in school they say Star Wars Battle Front is good for your sole.




Do you like the part that says.... "I will do better in school.... if I get the game." Nice try on the ultimatum buddy! Mason has been saving his money to buy a game for a long time. He looks online to find the deals and informs me when he finds exactly what he wants and where it is on sale. I like the concept of him being on top of things... and I must say that he is very persistant about it. He hand delivered the mail to me today and the note was tucked inbetween the envelopes. sly...

What have we become?.... has the gaming world taken over my boys... all of them... look, even Andrew was intense watching...


  1. We are very impressed with mason. He cracks us up!! Good luck on that mason.

  2. This post was good for the "sole." Very funny.

  3. Clever boy! Keep workin it Mason...they will give in eventually!
    Lovin' Andrew gamin' with his bothers!


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