Tuesday, July 22, 2008


  1. i read your blog about the reunion ... and now i can't find it on your actual blog (i have it on rss ...)
    "Well... all in all it was the exact same thing it is every year. A lot of sitting, eating, dusting, and talking. This year we thought we would mix it up a little and add the element of surprise by accidentally DENTING Jake's brothers truck. OOPS! Oh well, having a trailer to sleep in rather than a tent with little Andrew was great! It always AMAZES me how many people come to that reunion...we don't do all that much associating with each other we just act as if we are "NEIGHBORS" for a few days and treat each other very kindly and "neighborly". Mom at least took the time this year to write a newsletter... just you know... the neighborhood gossip. It was good to know a few things. Those that weren't there were missed and those that were there had a nice time. Oh and did I forget to mention we did a lot of EATING... what Ford's do best."
    i wanted to ask if those of us that missed the reunion are going to get a copy of that newsletter!?
    do i have to beg!?!? we are totally coming next year! i miss the reunion!!

  2. lovely em for posting the post :) I miss being there too...and I want a newsletter too...and are there more details jen? do we have to beat it out of you? :) jk I'll ASK you in person in a few days!!


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