Thursday, January 5, 2012

I promised I would share my treat from "Ketchup" night... well, I forgot to take pictures... (dang that makes me mad...) but here was the idea. I made these

the fries like the ones at Chili's... loaded with cheese, bacon bits, jalepeno's, green onions... (oops forgot to warn them.. sorry LaDene for burning your mouth off...)

Or these... like the ones I used for the cupcakes, only I put them in a cup on top of a parfait that was white chocolate mousse, strawberry danish dessert (with fresh strawberries) and fries on top.

the point in doing 2 was to get the girls to think "outside the box" with their personal progress. There isn't only one way of doing things... you can be as creative as you want! (or steal ideas from others... like I do :)


  1. You do amazing stuff, Jenny. It was SO good to talk to you. It would be so fun to get together. I'll work on the plan.


  2. WOW I wish you were in Young Womens with me!!!! Great darling ideas!


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